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Abort Mission

Ok, let me start by making one thing clear. I am pro-choice, obviously. But that’s not to say I am not pro-life. Everybody is pro-life. Nobody in this situation is pro-death or a murderer. It’s a false accusation to say that if someone is pro-choice, they must not have a heart or they are killers. Abortion … Continue reading

Hairy Situation

Body hair is making a comeback! I write this as I sit here with my freshly shaven legs & under arms, daydreaming of the time when I will be brave enough to rock the fur. I’ve always looked at body hair as being a fashion statement. I’ve spent most of my life believing a completely natural … Continue reading

Saving Lies

The following story is a true and personal account of an actual event that totally happened in my life. I was out at a club one night with a group of friends, dancing and whatever you do in a club. I went up to the packed bar to get some water (I was designated driver for … Continue reading

Kids of the Future

I got my first telescope when I was 9 years old; it was small and red. The first thing I ever used it to look at was the Sun – honestly, just don’t, ever. Now I am the proud owner of my very own Celestron (very big deal), although I live in probably the worst city in … Continue reading

Losing My Religion

Faith has always been a part of life. It’s how people get by – they believe in something greater than themselves. This bigger being, this deity/spirit/guardian angel, gives people hope and guidance and helps them in times of need. It defines how people live their lives and, in most cases, how they believe they will live … Continue reading

Man Up

Have you ever come across something that should make you curious, but instead you just brush past it because it’s the norm and you’re conditioned to accept it? I have. All the time. Every time I scroll down my news feed or go shopping – it’s there. The haunting realisation that our culture is so … Continue reading

Good Girls Unite!

What is a Good Girl? Please. Someone, tell me. I must know! I’ve heard this phrase being thrown around quite a lot throughout my life, and only recently have I started to wonder what it actually means. I was sitting in a little cafe with two male friends a few months ago and they were … Continue reading